Virtual Office Software

Everything you need to move your office into the cloud. Everone in your company can connect to the same system from anywhere in the world!


  • Monitor remote workers with Video and audio.
  • Track personnel online activity.
  • Chat with all personnel in real time.
  • User profiles defining personal info and skill set.
  • Limit personnel access.


  • Easily identify "hot" prospects.
  • Bookmark important customers/prospects.
  • Schedule calls with reminders.
  • Assign prospects to salespeople.
  • Sort lists by priority.


  • View ticket activity including IP address.
  • Turn tickets into projects.
  • SignIn-SignOut feature tracks technician's time.
  • Track assignments & current status.
  • Create Projects from a group of tickets.

    File Cabinets

  • Create cabinets, folders
    and notes.
  • Upload documents to
    specific folders.
  • Specialized cabinets for client documents.
  • Move & rename cabinets
    and folders.
  • Date stamp on all content.


  • Create customer invoices for your customers within the same application.
  • Easily find paid or unpaid invoices.
  • Keep track of recurring payments.
  • Export invoices to your accounting software.


  • Track and categorize your vendors.
  • Bookmark important vendors.
  • Schedule calls with reminders.
  • Sort lists by priority.


  • Color code your events to your own color preferences.
  • Built-in world time viewer and integrated ToDo list.
  • Categorize types of events such as "Call", "Email" etc.
  • RIVA Reminders notify you before your appointment is due.


  • Built in RIVA Technology (Remote Independent Virtual Assistant)
  • Syncs customer and prospect "Next Call" with Calendar.
  • Monitors payments and reminds you when due.
  • Monitors the Neostation system & provides warnings.

"As complete a product as you could wish or hope for!"

- Doug W.

Completely Customizable

What if you have special needs for your particular business? No problem! Neostation can be customized to match the virtual office software needs of virtually any type of business. We have a staff of more than a dozen programmers standing by to implement the features that your business needs.

ClientStation - Your Client Connection

Neostation comes with a built in client interface. Your customers can login and communicate directly with your customer service or technical staff. They can even upload documents directly to the system for easy handling.